Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Gordon Ramsay Perfect Hamburger 🍔

What do we want for the 4th of July? An outdoor barbecue with hotdogs and hamburgers! And we want the perfect hamburger with melted cheese, grilled onions and a toasted bun. Who makes the best perfect burger, well it’s Gordon Ramsay of course. Let’s see if we can decipher a recipe from his video.


You need roughly 24 oz of meat for a serving of 4. I’m going to assume he used equal amounts of each meat. But then he said a little bit of brisket, so we can divide it one of two ways.
9oz Ground chuck
9oz Ground beef
6oz Ground brisket

10oz Ground chuck
10oz Ground beef
4oz Ground brisket

Dried minced onion

1 egg
Olive oil
4 hamburger buns
4 slices Cheese
4 Onion slices
4 tomatoes
4 large lettuce leaves
Mayonnaise/ mustard mix


He makes his patties a day ahead mixed with an egg and let sit in the refrigerator over night. According to him it allows the patties to stay together once on the grill.

The next day preheat your grill on high. Season the patties on both sides and roll the sides in the seasonings as well. Drizzle some oil on each side and rub in. Let the patties sit for a bit at room temperature before putting them on the grill. You don’t want to put a cold patty on a hot grill.

Place the patties on the hottest part of the grill. If you have a gas grill it’s usually 2/3rd in and center. Close your lid and let cook enough to sear the bottom of the patties and they won’t stick to the grill and fall apart. Cook 3-4 minutes on each side.

Toast your buns. First salt and pepper and a little drizzle of oil. Place on grill. Grill on both sides. Take off and set aside. Flip your burgers. Close lid.

Same with your onions; salt, pepper and place on grill. Close lid. Flip and close lid.

Get your buns ready for assembly.

Now flip your burgers and baste them with butter 2 minutes before they are done. Flip and butter the other side. Season again with salt and pepper. Close lid for a minute then add your cheese and close the lid. (Total times he flipped the burger is 4)

Fist add mayo/mustard on both sides the bun and spread evenly. Take the large lettuce leaf; snap and fold it then place it in the base or bottom bun. Then add your tomato season it with salt and pepper and a dab of mayo/mustard mix. Add your burger then your caramelized grilled onions. Add your bun top. Boom!😁 Yum Yum!

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