Friday, December 30, 2016

NuWave PIC Flex

 I got a few kitchen gadgets this year and the one I use the most is the NuWave PIC Flex. I've used it to make my chicken salad melt and basted or overeasy eggs. The anodized skillet that comes with it is effortless because nothing sticks to it.

It has a quick start temperature setting of 375 degrees and a default cooking time of one hour. You can adjust the cooking temperature manually by selecting 1of the 6 temperature setting or by pressing the plus or minus buttons on the side of the temperature display. This will adjust in 10 degree increments.

The 6 temperature settings are: Low 100F Warm
                                              Med/Low 175F Simmer
                                                   Med 275F Steam
                                              Med/High 375F Stir/Deep Fry
                                                   High 425F Boil/Sauté
                                               Max/Sear 500F Sear

There are also ways to program the NuWave. One is by cooking at different temperatures at different times and the other is to delay cooking. You can also change cooking time while cooking.

Remember not all pots and pans can be used with your NuWave induction cooktop. Besides the anodized induction skillet that comes with the cooktop other cookware must be made of a magnetic-based material. Therefore, aluminum, copper, glass, including Pyrex will not work. What does? Stainless, cast iron and any cookware with induction technology. Look for the induction symbol

or stick a magnet on the bottom if it does stick you can use it on your induction cooktop, if it doesn't stick it won't work.

Here's the link to NuWave's Manual and Recipes 

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