Thursday, December 13, 2018

Scrambled Eggs Just Like Gordon Ramsay

Did you ever want to try to make scrambled eggs just like Gordon Ramsay? Try this recipe and let me know what you think. Serves 1

First crack three eggs into a bowl.
At this point you have already heavily buttered and slightly melted down a stainless steel skillet, not non stick.
Drop the eggs into the buttery, salted and peppered (to taste) mixture and let sit for a few seconds.
Take off the heat while leaving the burner on, and quickly whisk.
Pop on the heat, whilst whisking.
Pop off the heat.
Repeat until ‘ALMOST’ done. Not quite done.
Then when ALMOST done
Take completely off the heat and throw 1/3 cup heavy cream and fresh chives.
Like Gordon, you can choose to toast some rustic crusty bread to throw the perfect eggs on top of or on the side and also some small tomatoes on the vine (cook a few minutes on a pan with some fresh salt and olive oil). Yum Yum! 

Note: This goes fast, so make sure you have the cream, chives and cheese (optional) within reach. Your eggs will turn to rubber while your grabbing these items.  

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